Well, It’s Groundhog Day — Again. And That Means Six More Weeks Of Sewing.

I recently completed my second sew-along of the year, and the results are in: It was a huge success. My goal was to make two zip-up pullovers, one for each of my granddaughters. Not only did I complete the pullovers, but I also added leggings to match. And now, here’s the photographic evidence!Love Notions Outfit For OliNavagator and Leggings for Em

This sew-along was coordinated by a sewing group connected to Love Notions Patterns. I was using Love Notions’ Navigator pattern to sew the tops. It’s the same pattern I had used to make a hooded pullover for my grandson, but for the girls I chose a simple collar instead. I thought I’d need a little hand-holding because the fabrics I decided to use (from last summer’s stash) were thinner knits, so I wasn’t sure how they’d work with the same pattern. As it happens, there were only a few modifications that needed to be made, all of which I learned from the sew-along.

I like that I was able to use recycled zippers on both these tops!

One key thing I learned was that installing zippers on thinner materials would require the use of a stabilizer to which the zippers could be attached. I chose a thin strip of sew-in interfacing, which I zigzagged to the seam allowance to add some stability. It worked perfectly, and the zippers were installed as instructed with no problems.


Another task with which I needed guidance was making the collars. Because of the knit fabrics, the collars were very flimsy and wouldn’t stand up without help. This time, I decided to use fusible interfacing directly on the knit. It was a bit tricky, but I followed instructions and glued it in place. Then I sewed the collar pieces together, and with the interfacing sealed inside, the collars finally had the stiffness they needed. And with top stitching to finish them off, the collars were reinforced completely!

Navagator 2
I made this top first. The collar came out crisp, in part because of the type of knit I was using.
Navigator For Oli
The second top was made with even thinner fabric, resulting in a softer collar.

I mailed the second pullover and leggings to my youngest granddaughter last week. Days later I got the following picture of her and her Mom wearing some of the things I sent in the package, which included a cardigan for my daughter-in-law that I made just prior to the pullover sew-along. She was so surprised to find something in the box for her, as I usually just focus on little-girl clothes. It was a delight to see them both sporting some of my new creations. My granddaughter opted not to wear the matching leggings in this photo, which leads me to guess that they may be a little too long yet. No worries, as I know she’ll grow into them. (That’s what little girls do!)

Ashlee Oli
The virtual hearts and the REAL kisses were sent just for me! Awww!

So that’s the story of the pullover sew-along. I’d just like to share one more thing in this post: a picture I received of my oldest granddaughter wearing the coat I made her in December, which I blogged about here. I also made her doll a matching dress from the scraps. She loved that too!Valentina Coat for Em


According to today’s news, Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog weatherman, didn’t see his shadow this morning, which means an early spring is possible. Regardless of when spring actually gets here, I can definite predict one thing: at least six more weeks of sewing is in my future!


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