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Sewing Plans, Projects And Photos — They’re All Here In My First 2019 Update

Since my last post nine days ago, I’ve learned that some of the yearlong projects I planned on joining for 2019 are not going to work for me. The Sew Your Own Style sew-along is definitely on this year, but it’s only taking place on Instagram, a social network I don’t use. A new schedule has been posted for a Curvy Year of Sewing, but it’s not going to be a month-by-month effort as in previous years. There will be theme months, and I might sign up for some of them if the featured projects interest me, but it’s not something that will keep me engaged for the entire year. Meanwhile, The Monthly Stitch already has theme months, and not only have I participated in the past, but I’ve also blogged on the group’s web site about my finished projects. So for now, I think I’ll stay focused on the latter’s monthly activities.

In other news, I recently found a nicely organized Facebook group where I can sew with like-minded people who will challenge me. And when all is said and done, there will be prizes. Who doesn’t like a friendly competition and prizes? The group is called Sewalongs & Sewing Contests, and it’s where I’m working on a mini capsule for myself. The mini capsule features four pieces of clothing that layer from the inside out! I’ve completed two layers already and am thrilled with this new opportunity!

4 patterns 1-4-19
 Here’s the lineup of four items that I’m sewing for my mini capsule: 1. A purple T-shirt; 2. A pink plaid cardigan; 3. A grey knit sweater; and 4. A grey woven skirt. Below are photos of the purple T-shirt and the grey knit sweater.





jarrah cuff details
I made the grey knit sweater using a soft knit and the Jarrah pattern I tried a month ago. I love the details, especially the split cuffs and the curved hemline! It’s so comfortable, too.


One of my other favorite sewing groups on Facebook, the one sponsored by Violette Field Threads, has voted on the pattern for this month’s sew-along, and it’s the Reese. I’ve made this dress before, so this will be an easy sew for me.

And here are a few more updates for you on what I’ve been doing for the past few days:

kensley dress on em 12-8-18
My oldest granddaughter wears a knit dress and headband I sent to her last month. She likes telling her friends that Grandma made it for her.
maddie in plaid
My oldest granddaughter will soon be receiving another special gift from me: this flannel jumper that I just finished last week. I can’t wait to see how cute she looks in it!
navagator for noah 12-8-18
My grandson wears a zip-up hoodie I made for him from a Love Notions pattern. It looked difficult at first, but it turned out to be rather easy.
navagator fabric
I’m planning two more of the zip-up pullovers, sans hoodie, for my granddaughters in these fabrics.

Grandchildren aren’t my only focus when it comes to family sewing projects. I recently made dresses for two of my grandnieces as well, and I just received the following photos of the girls. They’re such happy little sisters. Their grandmother, my older sister, never had the joy of meeting them, but I know she would’ve loved them to pieces.




nora front
The size 3T dress shown above is for yet another grandniece. This Violette Field Threads design is called Nora. I hope to get a picture of her wearing it soon. You know I’ll share it here!
pattie for ash & oli
Above, here’s something else I plan to work on this month: Violette Field Threads cardigan sweaters in both adult and child’s sizes. I want to make them for my daughter-in-law and youngest granddaughter. The fabric is a comfy jersey knit, so they’re guaranteed to love it.
shrit & shrots for keaton
And here’s my newest sewing project. I found this dinosaur fabric in my favorite local fabric store yesterday, along with the shirt-and-shorts pattern, and just knew it was time to make an outfit for one of the many grandnephews in my life. He loves dinosaurs, so this is a sure winner!

So there you have it: a full update on my plans, and a review of some of my recent creations. The Violette Field Threads sew-along for the month runs Jan. 14-20. The next, to make the Love Notions zip-up pullovers, will run Jan. 21-27. With these two sew-alongs, plus the cardigans and the dinosaur clothes mentioned directly above, I expect to be very busy for the remainder of this month!

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