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When It Comes To Organization, I’m Going To Have 2019 All Sewn Up

One year ago this month, I began this blog to document my sewing projects. I’ve had lots of fun with it, but I’ve also learned a lot from a full year of sewing and blogging. As I look back on 2018, it occurs to me that I didn’t really plan for any of it, with one exception: my yearlong quilt block project. Other than that, I just went along my merry way, with my sewing projects sort of evolving organically. I sewed many dresses for my two granddaughters and a few for my grandnieces, and I even sewed some clothes for my grandson. Along the way I sewed a few things for myself, and I even figured out what my style is.

I love sewing every day, but I also love having goals. To that end, I’ve decided to make 2019 more structured. I spent the last week of 2018 reviewing many of the online sewing challenges that are coming up in the new year, and more than a few are right in my wheelhouse. The most difficult thing was deciding which ones I would add to my to-do list and which ones I would skip. After some careful thought, I came up with a full schedule for 2019. The list includes monthly sew-alongs, a few bigger challenges, and some yearlong events. All of them look fun and exciting, giving me much to look forward to in the new year!

Let me begin with one special note: Violette Field Threads, my favorite independent pattern designer for girls’ clothes, has a challenge every single month. I participated in eight of them in 2018, and it’s a personal goal of mine to conquer all 12 in 2019, no matter how difficult they turn out to be.

In addition to the Violette Field Threads challenges, here are my other month-by-month sewing goals:

  • January — Sew My Style, a yearlong sew-along (below is last year’s schedule, and I’m assuming it’ll be repeated for 2019. If so, I’m all in!); and Curvy Year of Sewing (again, last year’s schedule is shown below).



  • February — Sewing the Seventies, a sewing and knitting challenge to make clothing inspired by the fashions of the 1970s. This challenge will be held in February and March. Groovy!
  • sew the seventiesMarch — Make Your Stash, a three-month sewing challenge for March, April and May that involves using previously purchased fabric to make new clothes; and A Little Lawn Party, a two-month challenge to sew a spring-themed item in cotton lawn or similar fabric! (These challenges were both held in 2018, but I’m not sure they’re being repeated in 2019.)makeyourstash-3-1-768x768
  • sewalong-square-800x800April — If the two aforementioned challenges are being repeated in 2019, I’ll be taking part, since both would continue through the month. If not, I’ve always got the Violette Field Threads and full-year sew-alongs to keep me busy.
  • May — Me-Made-May, an increasingly popular event that inspires people to sew and then wear their very own handmade clothes during the month; and the Ogden Ida Swap, which also involves making handmade items (a camisole and a clutch bag), but rather than being worn by their maker, they are sent to someone else who has signed up for the challenge. But in a neat twist, that someone else makes the same items and sends them to you! (This is another event that I’m not sure will be repeated in 2019, but I really hope so, as I had great success making the Ogden cami last year.)


Ogden Ida Swap

  • June — So far, only the Violette Field Threads sew-along and the yearlong projects are on my calendar for the month, but it’s always possible that something else will come along.
  • July — Ditto.
  • August — The Union Fair, a local agricultural fair that features the usual arts and crafts competitions, including handmade clothing. I can already picture a blue ribbon hanging in my sewing room by the time August is over!
  • September — Like June and July, there’s at least a couple sure things awaiting me this month, but I’m sure other sew-alongs will come along that I might want to join.
  • October — Ditto.
  • November — Ditto again. Oh, and BLACK FRIDAY SALES, where I’m sure I’ll snag some great deals on new fabric, not to mention sewing patterns!
  • December — Again, Violette Field Threads and the yearlong challenges won’t leave me hanging if nothing else comes along.

As I said, I don’t know whether some of the above-mentioned challenges and sew-alongs will be repeated in 2019, but I can always hope! If they do come back, I’ll be ready. If not, I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open so as not to miss other great sewing opportunities. And if ever I find my schedule a little empty, I can always tackle one or more of the projects that I never got around to in 2018.

At first glance, this list of sewing goals may seem overwhelming, but having it spread out over an entire year makes it completely doable in my mind. Better yet, it’s going to be completely fun!


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