December Quilt Block Is An Easy-Peasy, Oh-So-Breezy Tree

When 2018 began, I decided to take part in a yearlong quilting project, my first ever. Every single time I looked at my blog’s home page I was reminded of the pending Dec. 31 deadline, because a countdown widget showed how many months — and, eventually, days — remained until the deadline. As of this moment, the countdown shows seven days, and after a flurry of sewing and quilting activity today, I can happily say I’ve reached the finish line!

The quilt project was organized by Inspiring Stitches, which had designed a Heartland Heritage Block of the Month calendar as a helpful guide. It was perfect for a newbie quilter like me, as it led me through the massive task in bite-sized chunks, one month at a time, until I finally had all the quilt blocks completed, ready for the next step: full assembly into an actual quilt. That last task will come a little bit later, after I’ve managed to catch my breath.

So now that you know I’ve achieved this yearlong goal — hooray for me! — let me tell you a little about this month’s design, which featured a simple tree. What a fun and easy way to finish out this incredible journey, especially after some particularly difficult quilt designs, most recently the one in November. By contrast, December’s tree was such an easy design that I managed to whip out all five blocks in a single afternoon.

Tree Block

One look at my scrap bin will reveal the types of projects I have completed in months and years past. It quickly becomes obvious that I favor all shades of green, as the scraps feature more of that color than any other. So was it easy-peasy to find appropriate scraps for tree quilt blocks? You betcha! In fact, I had so many different scraps of green that I didn’t have to use any repeat fabrics in the five quilt blocks for the month.Fabric for tree Block

Cutting all the pieces I needed for the five blocks was a breeze, something I wish I could’ve said for some of the other quilt blocks I had to make during the year. In no time at all I had all five sets of fabric pieces ready to go — or should I say ready to sew?Dec Tree block

My first block came together so quickly!Dec Tree Block 1

Before the afternoon was over, all five were finished!Dec Tree Block finished

What’s next? As I said above, now comes the time to combine and organize all of my quilt blocks from 2018 into an actual quilt.

Heartland Calendar
Here’s the Heartland Heritage Block of the Month’s sample quilt arrangement.

Turning all of the quilt blocks into a single quilt will be a brand-new endeavor for me. January will prove to be a time for setting new sewing goals for 2019, including finishing this quilt! Stay tuned!


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