This Pattern Threw Me A Curve — A Jarrah Curve

Have you seen the latest Megan Nielsen pattern releases? They come in regular and extended sizes, hence the addition of the word “curve” to the extended-size pattern names (you know, for us curvy girls who need a little more room for “the girls”). This particular blog post is all about the Jarrah Curve, one of the first extended-size patterns in Megan’s collection, and one of the first I’ve purchased from her.

This One copy
The curved-hem and straight-sleeve top (see my green arrow?) is the one I wanted to make.

I’ve been following Megan’s blog for many months, during which time I’ve had the joy of observing several sew-alongs for her regular pattern line. I was never able to participate, however, because her patterns didn’t come in my size. So when she announced that new sizing was in development, I was over the moon. Initially, she re-released a few of her older patterns in the new format. This was exciting, but not necessarily for me because I wasn’t interested in any of those particular patterns. And then it happened: In one e-mail, I was introduced to four brand-new, wardrobe-building patterns in my size, and I immediately loved them all. And that NEVER happens!

I purchased all four of the new patterns that night. And since the patterns are digital, I was able to download and print them immediately. Why waste time, right? Then all I had to do was wait for Megan to start her fantastic sew-alongs for the new patterns. (I certainly could’ve attempted to make the clothes on my own, what with my decades of sewing experience, but in this case I wanted to follow along with Megan in case something went wrong and I needed a little handholding — and also because she does such an outstanding job of explaining every step with photos and clear descriptions. She truly sets everyone up for success.) While I was waiting for the schedule, I purchased a ton of fabric for each pattern so I’d be good and ready. And once the sew-along began, I made sure to keep up with each of Megan’s helpful posts, which arrived daily in my e-mail.

The Jarrah Curve was the first of the four new patterns in Megan’s sew-along schedule, and for this project I chose an Art Gallery Fabric knit called Pastoral Magenta, which I purchased from my favorite fabric store, Clementine, to make my toile (for the uninitiated, that’s just a fancy sewing term for an early version of a finished garment). I wanted the toile to be a wearable one, so I was careful with hems and coverstitching. The one thing I forgot to do was measure the sleeves. As a result, they turned out too long in my first attempt. As curvy as this pattern is, I didn’t have enough room to move my sleeves up to the seam line (because I have big biceps), so I took 2 inches off the finished hem of the sleeves. This changed the look of the split sleeves, but at least I learned something in the process. Measurements noted. And here it is!

Farrah Top I
I had to shorten the sleeves so they would end right where they should on my hands.
Farrah Top II
The Jarrah Curve top covers everything I want and need it to.
Farrah Top III
The lower curved hem is perfect.
Farrah Top IV
I wasn’t much of a photo shoot gal on this day, but I still had a good time!
Farrah Top V
This was my last “glamor” shot before heading back inside. It was freezing out!

From looking at these pictures, I can see the need for additional adjustments to improve the fit. And those tweaks will be no problem because this was a very easy sew. I love the lines of the design, and I love that this pretty top can be made in a variety of fabrics. This is so comfy that I can definitely see a few more of these Jarrah Curve tops in my future.


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