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New Monthly Stitch Staffer Inspires Me To Create Something Special For Myself

I’ve got a rare family get-together coming up this weekend, and because it’s a special event, I want to wear something new and beautiful so I can look and feel my best.

The event is being called Seafood Sunday, and it’s going to feature lots and lots of — you guessed it — seafood. I’m talking fish, clams, chowder, crab cakes, and possibly even lobster. Sounds great, right? Considering that I might want to overindulge on all the yummy food, I’ve been thinking I might need some comfortable pants that provide a little breathing room (read: elastic waistband). Luckily for me, I found the perfect pattern for just such a pants-sewing project!

I stumbled across the pants pattern while browsing The Monthly Stitch, a WordPress blog that welcomes guest posts by its many members, of which I’m one. The Monthly Stitch offers a sewing challenge to its members every month, with a different theme to help inspire creativity. The September theme was an open challenge, in which members were allowed to sew anything they wanted, provided it was inspired by any of the colors, textiles, silhouettes, prints, keywords, embellishments, or whatever else was shown in the September post. Talk about carte blanche!

In my case, I was inspired by a photo of one of The Monthly Stitch’s newest staff members, Kyla, who was wearing a lovely pair of dressy pants that she had made herself. I was under the impression that Kyla made the comfortable-looking pants to accommodate her changing body. What do I mean? Well, Kyla was also shown in her wedding dress and a maternity dress. Clearly, her body has been going through some changes lately, not unlike my own! So if these pants were good enough for Kyla, they should be good enough for me, especially with their elastic waistband (and especially with Seafood Sunday staring me in the face!). So you might say that Kyla’s desire to look good and be comfortable was my inspiration.

Coffeehouse Pants
Kyla, a new member of the editing staff at The Monthly Stitch sewing blog here on WordPress, sports a pair of pants that looked so appealing to me that I decided to sew my own.

And that brings me to my own project. I didn’t know what pattern Kyla used, but I figured I might find something close enough to fake it. Like I said, I too have an ever-changing body, but mine has to do with getting older. Anyway, I began my search for a good pants pattern by reading The Monthly Stitch’s October post, which is challenging sewists to give indie sewing patterns a try. To my great surprise, I found the very same photo of Kyla wearing those adorable pants as a promo for Blue Dot Patterns. My search was quickly over! I raced to the Blue Dot web site and purchased the pattern for the pants, which, adorably, are called Coffeehouse Pants (what could be more perfect for a coffee lover like me, right?). Better yet, the pattern is designed for beginners, which means just about everyone can master it.

Now that I solved my “what am I going to wear” problem, I needed to take the next logical step: turning my own Coffeehouse Pants into a reality.

I wasted no time in printing my digital pattern. Then I had to find some material in my stash that would work well with the simple lines and elastic waist. I chose a textured light blue topanga cotton. Luckily, I had just enough to make these pants. And for the pocket lining, I wanted something extra special, so I used scraps from dresses I recently made for both my granddaughters.Coffeehouse Pants Starting

The pants came together quickly. From start to finish, they were done in just two hours. I didn’t try too hard to match the lines at the pockets, because I don’t think they’d even be visible with a top sitting comfortably at my waist.

Coffeehouse Pants In Progress

Coffeehouse Pants Pockets
See these pretty pockets? I used the same fabric to make dresses for my two granddaughters last week. Thank goodness for scraps!
Coffeehouse Pants Labeled
I put my own embroidered label in the waistband, just in case someone asks me where I got such fantastic-looking threads.

Just as I expected, these pants are super comfortable, and they’ll be awesome for a day of seafood eating. Many thanks to Kyla, who inspired and motivated me to make something I wanted and needed. These will be great for the Indian summer we’ll be having next week, and they’ll no doubt be my go-to pants next spring. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be making more of these lovely pants next year!

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