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My Version Of The Ogden Cami

Summer is in full swing in my neck of the woods, and that prompted me to take an amazing vacation to visit friends and family in southern New England. But now that I’m back home, it’s time to start sewing again!

I’ve been researching different summer shirts β€” camisoles, to be precise. I’ve noticed a lot of attention being given to the Ogden Cami, including several blog posts about it. These posts proved helpful, as other sewing bloggers had written detailed reviews of the pattern and worked out many of the kinks for me! Thank you, ladies, ever so much! Having familiarized myself with the pattern, I decided to pick it up and give it a go. The next step was looking through my stash for some practice material! Ogden Cami 1

One of the first things I did was modify the pattern so the shoulder straps would be a little wider, and also easier to construct. I did this mainly because I HATE pulling out tiny tube-shaped anything! I’ve learned another way to construct straps,Β  and I think they come out perfectly for me every time.

I also added a light interfacing to the back of each strap. I really wanted these little pieces of fabric to withstand any sort of tugging that I might subject them to! Interfacing

The following steps are easy, and they’re performed right at the ironing board! First, I fold wrong sides together lengthwise and press.Fold in half

Then I open and fold each of the sides in toward the center crease and press.Open fold center

Finally, I fold the sides together and make the strap. Since one side is still open, I pin it and finish it with top stitching.Ready to top stitch

I usually keep my stitched side facing out, or away from center. Finished straps

The rest of the top sewed up quickly, as I used a serger for my seams. To finish the hem I just folded the fabric once, pressed it, and then gave it a top stitch. Lastly, I gave the entire top a good press and tried it on. There were no major fitting issues. I could see a few minor things to adjust for the real one I have planned next. Ogden Front

Ogden Back

I have some fabric on order for my next Ogden Cami, but I also have a planned modification for it: a split back with a peek-a-boo underlayer. There’s a half-shelf lining that can be extended to the full length, so I’m excited to try playing with this pattern to make something similar to one I made for my granddaughter last month. I like how this fits, and I hope the next one turns out as I imagine!

As I mentioned at the outset of this post, I owe a debt of gratitude to other bloggers who worked with the Ogden Cami pattern and then wrote about it. Specifically, I’d like to thank So What? Sew Buttons!, Did You Make That?, and Sewing Adventures In The Attick, all of whom provided very helpful posts!

6 thoughts on “My Version Of The Ogden Cami

    1. Thanks Sarah! You really inspired me to make this top! I used voile for the practice cami. I love how easy it is to make AND that I can use such a small amount of fabric. Can’t wait to try this again! πŸ™‚


  1. I’m so excited to try this pattern! I’ve been seeing it everywhere too and can’t believe I was so out of the loop. Yours came out great!


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