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May Quilt Block Has Gone To The Dogs!

For some unknown reason, my Heartland Heritage Block of the Month quilting blocks — which are sewn only once a month — are taking me longer and longer to complete! Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as there are the distractions of life all around me. For instance, who can resist the comings and goings of beautiful birds on the front porch as they build their nest for coming babies? I mean, come on! These tiny eggs are really going to be something in a few short weeks!

Phoebe Nest
A phoebe’s nest with six of the tiniest eggs you have ever seen!

But I digress. This month I’ve been completely focused on sewing, with projects completed for both Me-Made-May and the Royal Wedding Sew-Along! And then came the dogs! Not real dogs, mind you, but fabric ones. Normally I’m not a dog person. I like them, but not all dogs like me back; let’s just leave it at that!

Anyway, this month’s quilt project involved creating a block called Puppy Love! It took me a few seconds to really see the design, but once I did, I knew I’d recognize this block anywhere!

May Block
Inspiring Stitches‘ Heartland Heritage Block of the Month Quilt Project calendar

My first few attempts at making this block are NOT shown here; I was tired and made a few, um, mistakes, shall we say? But the next day, after getting some much-needed rest, I finally figured out what I did wrong and corrected the problem. And my first Puppy Love block was created!

May Block 1

I then made one more — this month’s project will require five Puppy Love blocks in all — before taking a break to help my husband outside with gardening and weeding chores. I would rather have been sewing, but he needed my assistance, especially when the jump in temperatures resulted in all our gardens springing to life at once.

May Block 2

There are just three more days left in May, today included, and I’ve got three more blocks to create, which comes out to an average of one per day. I think I’ll make it!

I sure hope to get an earlier start on the June quilt block. I haven’t even peeked at next month’s design, but I’m sure it’ll be lovely!

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