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March Quilt Block Is A Challenge (With An Update)

This month brought a new set of blocks to create for the Heartland Heritage Block of the Month Quilt Project that I’m participating in. If you haven’t already heard about it, it’s a sew-along organized by Inspiring Stitches. March’s blocks posed a new challenge for me with the inclusion of an hourglass shape. It took a few tries and going back to Inspiring Stitches’ web site for guidance, but I did it! This month’s block is called Star Bright!March Block 2

I enjoyed working on a lovely sunny day with pretty spring flowers from my sweetie!March Block3

Ta-da! Here’s my March 2018 Star Bright Quilt Block! It’s one of three identical ones that I’ll be creating in the next day or two, now that I’ve ascended that steep learning curve!March block

Once I complete my other March quilt blocks like this one, I’ll officially be one quarter of the way through the yearlong project. Woo hoo! I can’t wait for July’s quilt blocks, which will feature a cool sewing machine design. I wish I could make them now, but I’ll have to be patient. Let’s face it, I’m not ready for such a complicated project yet.

UPDATE: 3/18/18

I finished my last two quilt blocks today! (See the trio of March blocks below.) As I said in the earlier part of this post yesterday, this month’s block design was a challenge. I’m still learning to be more precise with my sewing and measuring for each piece, which is a requirement indeed. But it is a work in progress, which means learning while doing.

Final March Blocks


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