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Ah, Patience Over Some Pajamas!

A little resolution is a good thing, especially when it concerns something for which we need closure. I now have closure regarding the pajamas I made for my grandchildren a month ago. It took that long for me to receive the photos below of my grandchildren wearing and enjoying them. My mom always said, “Patience is a virtue.” Well, Mom, I’m still working on that one. So, without further ado, here are the real “after” pictures:

These dear children tell me they love their new threads. Based on what I can see, they look like they fit. And now I know my grandchildren have my love surrounding them! It’s a goal accomplished with much patience!

The next project for this granddaughter is a new outfit for her doll that perfectly matches a full-sized one I just completed (see my previous post here). I made the doll’s version in a day. Having just scaled the learning curve with the real one, the miniature one was easy. What wasn’t so easy was working on the tiny pieces. Some things just don’t work as well on a tiny scale. Or maybe my eyes just aren’t fond of focusing on such little things. Either way, the process was the same, but the outcome had a few minor flaws nonetheless. I just hope my granddaughter either doesn’t notice or doesn’t mind! Hey, she’s only 6, so I’m probably good.

The Josie Jumper and the Belle Blouse, both doll-sized.
Velcro is sewn on the jumper and the shirt buttons for ease of play!
Belle &Jossie
Looks almost like the big-girl size!

Is the small version an exact replica of the large? It’s close enough! Did I have a shrink ray from Despicable Me? No, I had to make the mini by hand. But it was worth it, because I know my granddaughter will have fun with it. Now, I’ll just have to hope I get pictures of these outfits in use soon! Ah, patience!

One thought on “Ah, Patience Over Some Pajamas!

  1. Oh my goodness! They look absolutely adorable in the new PJ’s! Love the matching outfits, she is going to Love them so much!


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