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February Quilt Block

After a few days’ break from trying to cut my quilt pieces, I was finally able to focus on pulling all the fabric out and working on the project again. I started the Heartland Heritage Block of the Month Quilt Project last month. I love that I can use my scraps to make each block.Starting Feb BlockThis month’s block features a barnyard design with log construction. (I had to Google what that last part meant!) It was pretty easy after I made a practice one!

Block in progress
Oh, not so straight lines!
Sample Block
Notice the tiny scraps after squaring my block?

You may notice a tissue box in many of my sewing photos. I use empty tissue boxes for collecting stray threads and small pieces of scrap material and paper. When they fill up, I save them to burn in our wood stove. I wait until the stove is good and hot and throw them in, one at a time. They burn up very fast, as you can imagine. It’s my eco-friendly way to eliminate my small debris.Real Scrap BoxesBox by SergerI’m not sure where or when I learned this tip, but I’ve been doing it for years! I keep one everywhere I sew or cut! It keeps my floors relatively clean and my work area organized. In the summer, when I am unable to dispose of these boxes, I simply save them for the next heating season.

Block 1
Block One is done!
Block 2
Block Two, it flew!

I have three more to make for February, and I hope to complete them tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you want to see the quilt blocks that other people are making for this fun sew-along, check them out here.

UPDATE 2/19/18:

I finished my three blocks, but also discovered I had made a mistake in the design! Oops! Apparently I put the larger piece on the wrong side. Well I fixed it on the last three blocks!Assembly Line Style

Final Blocks
Sample, Blocks 1&2, Final 3!

What can I say, there is a learning curve with this stuff! But Feb is finished!


5 thoughts on “February Quilt Block

  1. Lovely! It’s a very profession finish. And you’re sewing area is super neat and organised too. I will be stealing your tissue box idea 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job! Love seeing the progress on your quilt coming along nicely. And great idea on the scraps in the tissue box!


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